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Doing business in Singapore

Competitive tax rates environment

  • Low effective personal and corporate tax rates.
  • No dividend or capital gain taxes.
  • A pro-business tax structure which support entrepreneurship and help to foster growth of Small & Medium size enterprises.

Business Hub in Asia-Pacific region

  • Singapore is a leading global city with a pro-business environment, corruption-free and stable political framework and an efficient legal system.
  • Excellent air, sea and telecommunications connectivity allows great business and investment opportunities.
  • Singapore has been consistently ranked highly for its ease of doing business.
  • Highly skilled and cosmopolitan workforce.

Foreign investors friendly

  • No restrictions on the permissible fields of business that a foreigner can engage in.
  • Foreigners are entitled to 100% shareholding of the company.
  • Foreign owners are not required to relocate to Singapore to establish and operate their Singapore companies.

How we can help?

Anyone looking to start up in business should take professional advice right from the outset to ensure they avoid the simple set-up and structural errors that can have a detrimental effect on trading.

With our extensive experience in working with new businesses, we can assure you we offer individually tailored advice to meet your goals and objectives. We aim to build a close working relationship with you in the early period, in order to guide your company along the right track.

We will assist you in ensuring compliance with the Singapore Companies Act and other legislations while ensuring your awareness of the relevant Singapore Statutes. We give you a peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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